BRZEE Academy is opening soon near DLF Galleria.

The BRZEE team wishes to share the excitement of the grand opening of our Institute near DLF Galleria.



Accent is a characteristic pronunciation especially determined by the social background of the speaker. There are different accents like American, British, and Australian etc.

BRZEE Academy Voice & Accent training centre's aim is to teach you a particular accent or neutralize and globalize your Accent. There exists no language the spoken form of which can be learnt directly from its written form.

This is so because no language is written exactly as it is spoken. In other words, in no language is the relationship between the sound and the spelling perfect. And, in a language like English such relationship is not easily understood.

This makes the need for a special course imparted by BRZEE Academy Voice & Accent training centre to ACE the art of conversational English and comprehension. Training module focuses on a specific or combination of accents, as per your requirement.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to American/ British/ Australian accent
  • Practicing vowel and consonant sounds
  • Accent neutralisation
  • Removal of MTI
  • Word stress-introduction and practice
  • Intonation-introduction and practice
  • Introduction to American/British/Australian culture
  • Extensive listening exercises to master the foreign accent
  • Extensive pronunciation practice and error correction