Advantage / Disadvantage Essay Question Type for IELTS

BRZEE Academy’s Best IELTS Tips:-


  1. In IELTS, questions based on advantages and disadvantages, you are given a statement and then you have to give your views on both advantages and disadvantages of the given statement.
  2. Advantage and disadvantage questions have further two types derivatives:
    1. Outweigh = either more points for advantages or disadvantages,
    2. Positive and / or Negatives = points for both should be included.
  3. You have to use the correct structure to get high band.
  4. Write down the advantages together in one paragraph and the disadvantages in the next. Do not mix them.



  • At the click of a mouse = perform a task online
  • Grooming = preparing someone for something
  • Acquisition of knowledge = gaining information
  • Digital materials = online data
  • Gadget = devices
  • Access information = finding out details
  • Knowledge dissemination = accessibility of desired knowledge


Question: With the advent of computers in the classrooms, the role of teachers in the classrooms will be minimal. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a situation?


Model Answer:


There is little doubt that with the introduction of computers in the modern world, the education system has changed drastically. Information on anything is easily available at the click of a mouse. The computers have significant intelligence inbuilt in them. However, they cannot act as a substitute for human beings. The interaction of the students with the teachers is of primary importance in grooming the students’ academic and social life. This essay delves into the advantages and disadvantages of such change in scenario of the teachers’ role in the classrooms.


It is commonly observed that knowledge can be easily acquired with the help of computers. The child enjoys touching and exploring this gadget. In higher stages, the provision of various digital materials and books for the students help them to easily grasp and access information. All said and done, the importance of human interaction in the learning process cannot be underestimated. The teacher can identify the needs of an individual student. Certainly, the computer cannot play the teacher’s role in explaining complex concepts and making different individuals understand the concepts in their own style and pace.


On the flip side, since computers are becoming a common platform for teaching, teachers have to play the roles of guides in the process of knowledge acquisition instead of the earlier medium of transmitter for facts. The jobs of teachers is at stake with automation of classrooms who need to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technology. They have to act as problem solvers in this journey of knowledge dissemination among students through digital classrooms.


To recapitulate, this essay illustrated the advantages and disadvantages of teachers’ roles becoming minimal in the classrooms due to technological advancements. In my opinion, teachers have played and will continue to play a significant role.

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