BRZEE Academy explains how to get band 8777 in IELTS

Most of us know what 8777 score is? If you are planning for Canada PR, this is the score probably one needs. But, is it easy to get 8777? Let us contemplate on how to get 8777 in IELTS’ test.

What is 8777 score in IELTS?

Listening: 8; Reading: 7; Writing: 7; Speaking: 7;

People who are trying for Canada PR mostly know about this score (8777)

Most test takers perceive IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the easiest. It is the misconception that IELTS tests only your language skills. It is more than the language. It is summary of your skills, knowledge, academic history, so on. It is common that most test takers after they take test once without training realize it is not easy as they though earlier. Hence, training plays an important role in clearing the test. If you are serious and if you want to clear 8777 in single attempt, a right training is needed which is provided by BRZEE Academy as the top most training institute in India.

What key points a test taker should consider before he/she starts IELTS (International English Language Testing System):

  • Current level
  • Time to take the test


  • Current level:

As a test taker you should know your current skills/knowledge for the test. It is self-evaluation process.  You can take the help of a professional to assess your current level. Or, you can do by yourself.  Factors to assess your current level should include language skills, fluency, writing skills, and your ideas on various topics. When you are clear with your assessment, then it is time to think when to take the test.

  • Time to take the test:

Now, it is time to plan a date for the test. How much time you would like to prepare for IELTS? 1 month, 2 months, or more than this. This is strategically organized by knowing your current level and the expected score.  Here, the most important thing is how much score you need? Is it only 6.5 or 7+?  When you know your current level and required score for your profile, approach the trainer. Or you can plot yourself how much time you need to crack the test.

When you are done with above 2 biggest factors, your IELTS journey begins.

Some important areas to focus for 8777 score in IELTS:

  1. Training:


Undoubtedly, training is the key area you have to consider for 8777.  It is time consuming if you want to prepare by our own.  A right training provides you required skills/knowledge to score high.

A trainer should train you in all concepts of the test and should make you to practice. He/she should evaluate your daily progress. Be wise to select the training firm / trainer.


  1. Regular practice:

Trainer can provide you adequate skills and knowledge to crack the test. But, if you don’t practice it regularly, it is difficult to get your desired top scores. You should spend some time and it increases your proficiency in IELTS.  A practice is not just taking the mock tests and close your books. You have to learn from mistakes and such mistakes should be discussed with your trainer. Over all, intensive training with your regular practice plays key role in scoring high.

  1. Study material and mock tests:


A good structured study material on all modules helps you to understand concepts quickly. Adding to it, mock tests are very important. Weekly at least 2 full length mock tests you have to take to clear the test easily.


  1. Time management:


Another core area in getting desired top score is ‘time management’. ‘Time’ plays a vital role in every module. In your practice, ‘timer’s is needed. It is equally important for all four modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking of IELTS.


‘Time’ in Reading module is considered seriously. For every 13-14 questions, don’t exceed more than 20 minutes of time. Take few passages and practice with time. However, in initial days of your practice, don’t use timer.  Use timer to practice when you are done with all concepts of the module.


  1. Your IELTS Trainer/Mentor:

From inception to end, if your trainer stays with you in every step of training, it makes a great value.  Trainer/mentor guides you and trains you in techniques of cracking the test. It is vivid statement that you are new to the IELTS but your trainer is not. Hence, trainer has vast experience in understanding the IELTS mindset and trains you accordingly.

The 8777 score is the dream of many. Clear it in single attempt by meticulously analysing each and every concept of IELTS. It is not too difficult to achieve it. You should spend some time to practice and should follow certain strategies to crack it. The BRZEE Academy is the best training institute in Palam Vihar, Sector 22 and 23 market, Global Foyer, Ansall mall, Kapashera border, Udhyog Vihar. Also, catering areas near Galleria market, Vipul Square, DLF Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Golf course road, HUDA Metro Station, Cyber City, Cyber Hub, Infinity Towers, Microsoft building in Gurgaon / Gurugram.

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