BRZEE Academy explains IELTS Four modules as Four different skills

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests your proficiency in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


What is tested in these four modules of IELTS?


In Listening module, a test taker should concentrate well. Test taker has to concentrate more as he/she has to listen the audio carefully. Is it just listening or it is more than listening? The obvious answer is ‘yes’ it is more than listening. It is ‘interpretation of text’. Do not just listen to the audio in IELTS listening. You have to interpret, infer from listening. When you are taking IELTS listening test, speaker’s perspective is important. Have you ever tried listening from the speaker’s perspective? If not, try it and know the difference. It works for most of the test takers.

Contemplating about Reading module in IELTS you have to consider time management. ‘Time’ is crucial in this test. Strategies such as ‘Skimming’ and ‘Scanning’ can be implemented with respect of time. These strategies make sense with the time factor. When time is limited as in the case of this testing system, these strategies i.e. Skimming and Scanning are not necessary and not to be put in use.

Hence, Time management is vital in Reading. Enhance your reading with proper time management.

Keep 20 minutes of time for each and every passage and do practice daily. Daily practice makes lot of sense. You should practice daily to get top scores/desired scores. When you practice with timer, you can handle time crisis in real test. This small technique brings good change. Such change may result in score.

And now, writing module, which is the most difficult module for many test takers. This module requires clear content to put. A test taker should know how to write introduction, followed by description paragraphs and finally, the conclusion part. Many test takers biggest challenge is introduction part. Test taker should have proper plan of writing. He/she should plan the essay and should convey the idea in the right sense. Simply saying, meticulous writing is vital here. Insight in writing matters, but not to greater extent. ‘Time’ is also a factor to be strictly taken into consideration.

Now, let us discuss something on Speaking module. Speak in precise manner. And, speaking u precisely you can achieve it by regular practice. Practice is what that makes everything to go smooth and hassle-free. That is what BRZEE Academy as the top most training institute in India emphasizes most that practice is considered as vital area in IELTS (International English Language System) test. Your spontaneous skills play a key role in real test of speaking. Keep the timer for two minutes and practice your cue card question. In speaking module, what are the important points to be considered? Obviously one of the points is ‘to be spontaneous’.

And the importance of practice is very important for any serious test taker. Never neglect it.

In every practice, you should learn something new and you should apply the previously learned things. This is to enhance your score. Don’t focus on quantity of tests you are taking. Your focus should be on quality. For example, in reading, when you are taking a test for the first time, your focus should be on solving the questions. It is natural and it should be. But, what are you doing for wrong answers. Don’t see the key and leave it. Go and fix it. Analyse the statement for the answer and learn from the mistake. This is what the right way to practice is.  Don’t forget there is a trainer in you. You yourself is a trainer in you. You learn things by experience. The importance of trainers is to give stimulus to your mind to think and solve the questions. It is the responsibility of every trainer.

In all your four modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, you should do a rational practice. A practice that you are improving your scores. Don’t just complete passages and questions. You have to interpret it. We have seen few students completes all Cambridge books for reading but he/she left with no improvement in score.

Finally, remember that it is you and you are the key person to change your life and to change your scores. Your rational way of taking the test matters lot.

Practice with fun:

Now, most of test takers think that practice is serious activity. It is serious because score is hidden in it. But, can’t we make this practice more easy and interesting? I mean, can’t we make it fun activity? Yes! We can. The first step you have to know is ‘keen interest’ on IELTS. It is well known fact that without interest no one can do things better. Four modules in IELTS covers wide range of skills set and that is really exciting…


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