The writing task two for IELTS has always been challenging for students.  Here are a few tips to write effectively and within stipulated time of suggested 40 minutes from the one hour for the full writing component.

  1. The first and foremost point is to understand what the examiner is trying to convey in the given question and what exactly he wants the examiner to write. Many a times it has been observed that the students do not comprehend the question properly. If the question has been misunderstood, then it is difficult to get a band more than 5.

In order to comprehend the question completely, the first task is to understand which question type does the given question belong i.e. quickly grasp the main topic. Next is to identify the key words in the question and finally try to follow the instructions carefully so that you know what is the objective behind asking such a question by the examiner.

  1. The second important point is to plan the essay. The students who get high band usually do proper planning of the essay for in some cases up to 10 minutes. Before actually start writing the essay. This helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas and give a structure to your essay before you actually start writing thus saving time and writing a coherent piece.
  2. The introduction is the most important part of the essay. It should be able to convey the examiner what the rest of the essay is all about. This helps to tell the examiner what you are planning to write in your body paragraphs.
  3. The main body paragraphs is where you give a detailed information about the essay. You can do this by highlighting the key points and supporting these with adequate explanations and relevant examples.
  4. Conclusion: Here you restate what you have conveyed in the entire essay.

Here are 2 sample essays which will reiterate the points discussed above with bold and underlined higher vocabulary words:

Question 1: People write product reviews and opinions about the service through online platforms. Is it a good or a bad thing.

Sample Answer 1:

Over the last decade, sharing of one’s experiences and opinions about any product or service availed has gained momentum and is commonly seen on the websites. I am concord with this trend of expressing one’s views on online platform.

To begin with, it is the fundamental right of every person to share his opinions publicly and no one can legitimately refrain them from exercising their rights. Furthermore, if the person makes untrue statements and fallacious claims about his product, the person thus deceived must publish his views to gain massive support from the other consumers which, in turn, could save many potential buyers from losing their hard earned money. To illustrate, one of my acquaintances planned to order decorative living room mirror online. The site claimed that it was made up of plywood and had metallic polish. He was about to place the order but fortunately scrolled down and went through various reviews stating that the product did not match with the specification laid. His contact number along with his address was written. On meeting him, we realized that his reviews saved us from making ruthless purchase. In short, knowing about opinions of others could play an instrumental role in a making a smart deal or purchase.

In addition to this, the sellers deter from providing pathetic services and making unrealistic promises just to persuade the consumers as it could have detrimental affect on their goodwill. To exemplify, nowadays holiday makers post their reviews about the hotels or resorts. In case any customer is not satisfied, the manager himself replaces the order just to maintain the fame of his hotel. Therefore, online reviews put a compelling force on the authorities to satisfy their customers.

To conclude, in my opinion, on this digital world, sharing of views and opinions as a powerful tool in the hands of consumers is a good thing as it keeps a check on unhealthy practices and ensure a fair deal.

Question 2: Some people believe that all criminals should be put in prisons, however, some think that they should be permitted to do unpaid work to contribute in the society. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer 2:

It is evident that the number of criminal activities have been rapidly increased over a decade. Some people are of the opinion that all the offenders should be detained while other assert that doing non-salaried work will be more beneficial to both the society and the people. This essay delves into agreement that certain law-breakers should be given non-custodial sentences.

To commence with, not all the offenders are involved in heinous crimes like rape, murder, abduction, terrorism etc. and making them doing social work for community can make them repent. Moreover, by community services such as, cleaning streets, counseling other substance abusers, producing goods etc. criminals are able to give something back to the society proving that they have changed. In addition to this, rehabilitation programs offered by the government will both be useful for the criminals and the society as they will promote peace and harmony. Hence, allowing them to live a respectful live without cheating.

Another important point is, in current times prisons over the world are facing the problem of overcrowding prisons. More prisoners means more food and security is needed. The rise in the number of law-breakers subsequently increases the cost of running the prisons. There are ample evidence that suggest unpaid community work is a great way to cut government cost on punishing offenders. Consequently, the money saved can be used for development, thus, improving the living standard of the country.

In conclusion, crime is a major issue, but cracking down on offenders with harsh custodial imprisonment is not the only way. These problems can be solved through the government unpaid community work and rehabilitation which would be advantageous to the society by raising the living standards and will dramatically reduce crime levels.

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