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The exam is of two kinds: General Training or Academic. Before you start preparing for the same you need to know:

  • What score you required
  • If you want to go for IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic exam.

The types of question given in the general and Academic exam are all similar to each other, but the passages given for both are totally different in terms of length, content and vocabulary. General Training exam consist of a long and short texts combined of both general and also work-specific nature,generally general students receive four passages with simple language or vocabulary.

Whereas, Academic students get three long paragraphs of an academic nature.

Information on IELTS Reading Exam

IELTS reading examination has three sections of increasing difficulty. This test demands a student to answer all 40 questions in 60 minutes.

IELTS reading exam also assess one’s knowledge of vocabulary. The reason for this to know how good a student is in this language so a candidate is required to have a wide range of vocabulary and synonyms to understand the passage, especially for the academic students if you wish to get the answer of a question in limited time it’s important to build the vocabulary.

There are numerous types of questions in the IELTS reading examination and each type has its own difficulty and strategy.

Here, we are discussing multiple choice questions:-

This blog will help you in answering multiple choice questions effectively.

In both the academics and general IELTS reading examination can be asked about multiple choice questions (MCQs).Your work is to simply choose the correct option from a list of possible choices.

Here, this post will:

  • See at example questions
  • Explain the skills required for reading
  • Look into common problems
  • Provide tips and advices


There three different kinds of Multiple Choice Questions. Either you will have to:

  • Select one option out of four options
  • Select two options out of five options
  • Select three answers out of six options

The most common kind is first one. You may also get two different questions form. First:

  • Complete a sentence
  • Answer a question.

Here is an example for the academic students:

Young children are making criminologists nervous because

(a) They are committing too much crime.
(b) They are impulsive and immature.
(c) They may grow up to be criminals.

The general crime rate in the US is

(c)not changing

The age group which commits the highest rate of crime is

(a)14 – 17.
(b)18 – 24.
(c)24 +.

James Fox believes that the improvement in crime figures could

(a) make us complacent in the fight against crime.
(b) result in an increase in teenage violence.
(c) result in a decrease in teenage violence.

According to paragraph 3, the government

(a)is doing everything it can to solve the problem.
(b)is not interested in solving the problem.
(c)is not doing enough to solve the problem.

In comparison with James Fox, Michael Tonry is

(a)more pessimistic.
(b)less pessimistic.
(c)equally pessimistic.

Jonathan Kozol believes that

(a)there is no solution to the problem.
(b)employment and education are not the answer.
(c)employment and education can improve the situation.

Professor DiIulio thinks that spending on social programs

(a) should continue as it is
(b)should be decreased.
(c)is irrelevant to crime rates.

Source- IELTS Cambridge book-6

Here you have to select one option from four possible options and the question demands from you to complete the sentence.

Given below is the example from the general paper:

Questions 1-6

choose the correct letter, ABC or D.

Write your answers in boxes 1–6 on your answer sheet.

1 The global increase in greenhouse gases has been attributed to
A industrial pollution in developing countries.
B coal mining and electricity generation.
C reduced rainfall in many parts of the world.
D trends in population and lifestyle.


2 The proportion of all greenhouse gases created by coal is approximately
A 14 per cent.
B 18 per cent.
C 27 per cent.
D 90 per cent.


3 Current research aims to increase the energy-producing efficiency of coal by
A burning it at a lower temperature.
B developing new gasification techniques.
C extracting CO2 from it.
D recycling greenhouse gases.


4 Compared with ordinary coal, new, ‘clean’ coals may generate power
A more cleanly and more efficiently.
B more cleanly but less efficiently.
C more cleanly but at higher cost.
D more cleanly but much more slowly.


5 To control dust at mine sites, mining companies often use
A chemicals which may be toxic.
B topsoil taken from the site before mining.
C fresh water from nearby dams.
D runoff water containing sediments.


6 Choose the most suitable title for the text from the list below
A Pollution control in coal mining
B The greenhouse effect
C The coal industry and the environment
D Sustainable population growth

Source- Cambridge IELTS paper

Skills which an academic or general student needs:-

MCQs check your knowledge to understand the main ideas and find the specific information from the passage. You need to identify the main idea to find the correct section of the text.

When you try to find an answer it seems like any two or three options are correct, hence reading in details and understanding the passage is must to have a correct answer.

Common Problems faced by a candidate:-

  • Reading the passage before you read the questions– If your start by reading the paragraph first you are just wasting your time because you do not know what to find so find the answer read the questions and options first.
  • Leaving the questions– It happens most likely that student leave these questions, this exam does not contain negative marking so it’s always good to have an answer even if you are not sure about one.
  • Getting tricked by the examiner– examiners know how trick and confuse a student, so they use distractors, it looks line correct answer but not at all are correct.
  • Avoid reading the whole sentence– The starting of the sentence looks like  the right answer but ending might change the whole meaning words like- some,more,but and however can change a meaning of a sentence.

Tips for getting a correct answer:-

  • Start by reading the questions before you read the text.
  • While doing this you will automatically terminate two options which are not at all connected with the question
  • If you are stuck between two options and can’t decide which one is correct rephrase them in your own words and try to get the closest meaning of the question.
  • If you are not able to decide the answer and do not want to waste more time in it guess the answer instead of leaving it there are 20-30% chances that your guess might be right.
  • Don’t only match keywords remember they are distractors so avoid matching the words instead match the meaning.
  • If your get a topic about which you don’t have any idea then don’t panic as it’s just a reading test and will check that only not your prior knowledge.
  • The good thing is answers are in the same order as the text.

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