BRZEE Academy trains you in Practice makes IELTS perfect

It is a fact that practice makes perfect. BRZEE Academy as the top most IELTS training institute believes in this quote and trained 400+ candidates in the testing system through practice making them IELTS perfect.


There is lot of contemplation for a competitive test like IELTS.  Practice is not just enough. It should be added with brainstorming and organized training. When you think about training, you have to think about seriousness in training.  Who should show more seriousness in training? Trainee or Trainer.? Most of us agrees with trainee. But, both trainee and trainer should be serious in training.  A trainer is always curious to teach more and more test taking strategies for scoring and a trainee should grasp them and implement them. A good trainer always looks for serious trainees. This fact is not new.


Then the question rises how many hours to practice for IELTS?

The answer for this varies among test takers. However, at least for an hour one has to practice daily. Prior to it, learn strategies and techniques, and implement them. Put these strategies and techniques in your daily practice. It is recommended to take training on this test. Training saves valuable time and money. If you can spend 2-3 hours of quality time for your IELTS preparation, it is really good.


BRZEE Academy assists your practice which should be rational:


In every practice, you should learn some thing new and you should apply the previously learned things. This is to enhance your score. Don’t focus on quantity of tests you are taking. Your focus should be on quality. For example, In reading, when you are taking a test for the first time, your focus should be on solving the questions. It is natural and it should be. But, what are you doing for wrong answers. Don’t just see the key and leave it. Go and fix it. Analyse the statement for the answer and learn from the mistake. This is what the right way to practice is. Don’t forget there is a trainer in you. You yourself are a trainer that exists in you. You learn things by experience. The importance of trainers is to give stimulus to your mind to think and solve the questions. It is the responsibility of every trainer.

In all your four modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking you should do a rational practice. A practice that you are improving your scores. Don’t just complete passages and questions. You have to interpret it. We have seen few students complete all Cambridge books for reading but he/she left with no improvement in score.

Finally, remember that it is you and you are the key person to change your life and to change your scores. Your rational way of taking the test matters lot.


BRZEE Academy trains IELTS practice with fun :


Now, most of test takers think that practice is serious activity. It is serious because score is hidden in it. But, can’t we make this practice more easy and interesting? I mean, can’t we make it fun activity? Yes! We can. Sounds interesting. But how?


Let us consider reading module. How do you see the passage? Do you see a passage like an impossible task/tedious task/any other? Your answers varies. We would like to say that see passage as a “puzzle”. Then it is really interesting. You have to clear that puzzle. IELTS reading passages are like puzzles and they have a logic. Many test takers feel it. By perceiving in this manner, you will love to read passages. As BRZEE Academy posted in many of our previous blogs, skimming and scanning are powerful tools to break such puzzles. Eventually, this helps us in reading better you lot of time.


Another essential component as per BRZEE Academy’s IELTS training module is writing. Therefore, find below 7.5 Band letter handwritten by our student which can be 8 Band through the review done on it:-


Writing Task Sample 1 Formal letter


Writing Task 1 Corrections: 2nd paragraph 1st line use “ago” instead of ‘back’, 5th line last word should be “an” instead of ‘a’, next two lines “demonstrates” instead of “demonstrated”, in the line ahead ‘he’ is repeated twice which is on the next page as well, last line before ending salutation should be “Looking forward to hearing from you soon.” but still use “me” after ‘contact in this line. Finally, the ending salutation needs to be “Yours faithfully,”.


BRZEE Academy’s teacher’s comments: 
This letter is worthy of Band 7.5 as it would get a high Task Response score because all parts of the sub points have been addressed i.e. body paragraph 1 is on situation as well as point 1 and body paragraph 2 talks about points 2 & 3. The candidate organized information well, and used examples to support his/her points. The overall cohesion and coherence are achieved through skillful use of linking words and expressions. Well done!

I hope you found this blog useful. Do, try to implement these simple but effective tricks and see the difference in your scores for yourself.


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