BRZEE ACADEMY’S Guidelines to Help One Converse in English Confidently

Undoubtedly, English is now a global language required in all spheres of life. With the status of official language in 70+ countries around the world, its knowledge is essential since globalization has brought the world together. This article stresses on ten influential tips that will positively aid you in speaking English fluently.

Keep a diary to write down new words

Learning new words will increase your lexical resources.Noting it down instantly will definitely help remember it.

Learn the usage of tenses

Tenses are an indispensable part of a sentence. Without the proper know-hows of how to use them, you can end up conveying a different meaning altogether.

Binge watch films in native language with English subtitles

Binge watching films in your language along with English sub-titles helps you learn new words and also show you how to use the words in a sentence in a proper way.

Read books

Reading books help a lot. Imagine the complex sentences being used in novels or books. It is often thought that one must read complex books for learning the complex form of language but contrary to popular beliefs, reading with basic knowledge of the language can help you understand and learn faster. Initially, you will find it difficult but it will undoubtedly give a hint of what the language is.

Don’t select translators for deciphering sentences

Translations could be helpful but relying on it for complete sentences, distorts the complete meaning altogether. Moreover, online translating websites or online applications available aren’t accurate always which means that you learn the wrong concepts and confuse yourself.

Drop your inhibitions for active and passive forms

Many people have a fear that a sentence written in active and passive forms are different. This is because the concepts are not made clear. To understand this let’s consider an example:

Active: Sam saw the birds flying away

Passive: The birds were seen by Sam flying away.

The two sentences are the same but are written in different forms. If you have the command over it learning English won’t take much time.

Join an institute

Joining an institute can help you as well. Students who have enrolled in a reputed institution/ academy can get their doubts cleared and learn some tips and tricks to crack the exam.

Speak in English with friends

Speaking in English with a friend or a known one can help you improve your language. The best part is that it not only helps you but also helps your friend in learning the language.

Turn the autocorrect option offin your devices

Don’t let your device improve your English by correcting your faults. Do it yourself as it will help you know what and where you lack.

Learn the difference between American and British English

Though English is English, there is a difference between American and British English. It isn’t about replacing z with s; it’s about understanding the difference between analyze or analyse so that you never lag behind. In fact, such things are important if you are preparing for tests like IELTS.

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