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Cue Card Sample 1:

Describe a time when you first met someone.

  • Who was it?
  • Where did you meet?
  • When was it?
  • How was your experience?

Cue Card Sample 1 Student’s Answer 1:

Fortunately my significant other was a travel aficionado due to which I got several opportunities to travel to various places in the world. Moreover, I am quite gregarious so I have many friends and several acquaintances throughout the world. But here I would like to talk about a person whom I met recently rather I met her last week in the airplane while I was going from Delhi to Mumbai. I would like to talk about her. She was a 60-year old lady and her name was Mrs. Kapoor. She was sitting beside me in the aeroplane and she was looking at her passport and I was amazed to see her. She was actually 60 –year old but she had a flawless skin with few strands of grey hair and she was not looking more than 40 years. She was a very sassy person and very garrulous too. She soon broke the ice between us and we landed up conversing with each other. I found her really savant when we were talking and she was tech savvy. In fact, she was a fashionista and she told me a lot of things about online shopping which even I did not knew being in that industry. Then after a while when we were chatting to each other, she had baked some cakes from her home and I tasted that and after tasting the cake I really appreciated her cooking. She was a great connoisseur in baking and I was impressed by her culinary skill. Then we exchanged our addresses and then I came to know that she was my mother’s best friend who lives just stone’s throw away from our place.

-Divya Rastogi

Cue Card Sample 2 Student’s Answer 1:

Whenever we go outside our home or we attend some occasions or events we meet persons they may be our close relatives or distant ones or our friends. So, recently I have attended my brother’s marriage. There I met a lot of people. I remember one person whom I cannot forget. He is distant uncle of my brother. His name is Harpreet Singh. He is in his sixties. He is physically fit and he has a great and charming personality. I met him on dinner where my brother introduced me to him. I came to know about his hobbies and his interests. His hobby is to click photographs. I also learnt how to click some photographs from him professionally. He was so kind-hearted that he spent almost half an hour with me in training me in clicking photographs and to capture the live moments. I was very thankful to him that he taught me how to click photos and I generally use his tricks in my office also to capture the moments.


Cue Card Sample 2:

  • Describe about an advertisement that you remember
  • What is it?
  • When and where you saw it?
  • What happens in it?
  • Cue Card Sample 1 Student’s Answer 2:

Though I am not a television buff, I try to watch television once in a blue moon and most of the time I see the advertisements on social networking sites. So, a couple of weeks ago I saw a viral video of a woman living in a joint family. Since, I am a feminist and I have inbuilt characteristics to support women and to empower them, the video I saw was similar to it. It was about a female. She was serving food to everybody in the joint family but she refused to serve her son because he stole something from somebody and she was punishing him as he was not apologizing. So, everybody went against her for being so harsh on her kid except for the head of the family. He was the only member who supported that woman. So, the moral of the entire video was sometimes being a parent is not an easy job and many a times you have to be hard on your kids to teach them a lesson and also to make them inculcate the qualities like honesty, proper mannerisms and societal etiquette in order to bring out a positive change in them. To cut the long story short, what I really appreciated about this movie is that I would like to become the kind of a woman that she was and a time will come when if I have to go harsh on my kids even if it is against my feelings and even if it hurts me, I won’t mind doing it with my ward in order to teach the apt lessons of life.

  • -Sonia

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