BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS Band 8 Sample Answers for Speaking

  1. Talk about a person you think has interesting ideas and opinion.
  •      Who is this person?
  •      When did you meet?
  •      What did you find interesting?

This is an interesting topic. Coming from a hospitality and spiritual background, I have had the opportunity to meet several interesting and profound thinkers in my journey of life. I have been blessed to sit under their shade and learn and comprehend a lot about life. I vividly remember meeting one such interesting person 4 and a half years ago, on the 23rd of December 2015. He is the best friend I have been looking for all my life, my confidante, my partner in crime. Fortunately, we both happen to share the same spiritual interests. I remember hitting it off instantly the minute I spoke to him. He is not only a profound thinker, charismatic but also enlightened in the subject matter. We started talking on one of our favourite topics, that is religion, the first time I called. I learnt so much from him that night that on the spot I decided to be a disciple for life. He magnanimously shared his pearls of wisdom with me on a daily basis. Time would simply fly whenever we conversed on any issue. We’d never know it was dawn till the sunlight rays trickled in the room. It was ecstatic to spend the whole night discussing about god and nothing else. I remember understanding from him the concept of religion. He put it across so beautifully that it changed my entire perspective towards it and realised the travesty we have been living in and following for ages. His concept of women empowerment is amazing to hear and understand. His ideas, opinions have always motivated me to move on in life and be strong no matter what the situation is. He has taught me that there is nothing in this world that can’t be achieved and is impossible. If you have a dream, instantly put it to practice as there is no such thing as “the right time”. The right time is when you have decided to fulfil your wishes.

  1. Talk about a positive change in your life.
  •      What was the change?
  •      When did it happen?
  •      Who was responsible for it?

In this materialistic world, it is baffling to stay positive at times. There have always been two sides of a coin in life; choosing the right side has always been controversial. We all go through several changes in our life; some of them good, some bad. But, at the end of the day, we always have a lesson to learn from them. I have experienced some drastic changes in my life too, not to mention the bad ones. Recently, I was blessed with a positive change in my life. It not only changed my entire course, thought process but also my approach towards the situations I go through. After a series of ill omen following me, I met a person who transformed me completely. I met him 4 years ago. He is a spiritual person who has seen and studied life closely; who empathises with the endurances I have gone through. I was blessed to have him walk into my life, like some fairy magic tale, and hold my hand through my hardships. At that point, all I could think of was Mary Poppins coming in to take away my pain. I distinctly remember how he made me feel comfortable in his presence, fed me my favourite food; he made me feel like I, too, was a part of this world and hold some importance here. Not for the naked eyes to see, but I could sense a shift of change happening around me. I started taking life positively, staying happy under any circumstance that was served. My belief in people and god started coming back. I wanted to be with him all the time, as he would shower me with pearls of wisdom every now and then. He taught me how to stand brave and tall, no matter what happens. He taught me a principal lesson and that is to “Learn To Say No”. If you ever want to be successful in life, you should learn not to succumb to peoples’ wishes or desires just for their happiness. The smile and positivity with which I live my life is a blessing from him always.

  1. Describe a leisure activity you like doing.
  •     What was the activity?
  •     Why do you like it?
  •     Explain how you feel about it?

Just like culture, art, recreation, sports and so on, leisure also plays a vital role not only in the community but also in our lives. There are humongous benefits to it, such as fitness help, mental, social development. I’d like to share a particular leisure activity I love doing whenever I get some spare time. Being a trainerlife can get very hectic at times, where we don’t even have the weekends for us. In such situations, stealing some free time in betweenrelaxes me to move on. I have a passion for novels. I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. I love reading my stories with a cup of coffee. This activity not only rejuvenates my mind but also helps me in my creative thing and story telling process. Coffee is imperative for me during this process as I love visualising every minute detail written and live it.

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