BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS Band 8 Sample Answers for Speaking

The following are the speaking transcripts of students. The speaking was done by students and corrected by an IELTS BRZEE Trainer.

Sample question 1:  The topic is “Historical period you want to know     about.”

  • What period do you want to know about?
  • Why do you want to know about it?
  • How do you think that you can know about it?

Sample answer 1: Student: So, history no matter how imperative it may be had never been my favourite subject. Moreover, I hadn’t been taught history in great length and we were always, while I was studying at school, we were always given a brief or summary of all the civilisations and the important periods. Therefore, it never really struck a chord in me. Yet, a phase I have recently given inclination towards is the Mughal. A few years back, I happened to see a film named Jodha. Akbar based on the story of the Mughal emperor named Akbar. In the movie, the rich culture and the architectural marvels of the reign were depicted and it was pleasing to the eyes to see the beautiful structures and sculptures that they had created. Apart from this last month, I happened to visit Taj Mahal which was also built by the great grand-son of Akbar named Shah Jahan in the beloved memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. While I went there, I was mesmerised to look at the beauty of the monument. It made me wonder how the architectures and people during that time were such virtuosos at it, while right now all the builders and masses being available of varied technology are still not at par to their level and do not have the calibre of the level that the architecture had during that time. So, this has brought up an immense interest in me. I would want to a few documentaries….

 Sample question 2: Topic: “A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions.”

  1. Who this person is?
  2. What this person does?
  3. How you know this person?
  4. What kinds of ideas and opinions he has?
  5. Why they are interesting?

Sample answer 2: Student: It’s a privilege to have someone to look up to. I was lucky that this one person was in my family itself. That person is my father. Since childhood, he has been imparting us with immense knowledge about any field you talk about, be it History, or Geography, or Chemistry or even a difficult subject like Physics. So, he’s a knowledge bank. We call him a walking encyclopaedia at home. Although, he’s a business man, apparently, he’s tried his hands on a lot of things from managing restaurants too to even working as a CA at one point of time. Therefore, he has knowledge and information about lots of things. Owing to this, there are lots of interesting ideas and opinions he can provide people with and he has done that due to which people have really succeeded in their lives. Though one time I can recall is, there was one person, a family friend of ours who was going through a rough patch and in a financial crunch. My dad happened to provide him with an idea, a very basic idea of making Vaseline. He started doing the same at home. My dad knew it because he’d learnt this process during some part of his life while he was doing Chemistry. So, he imparted this idea to him and therefore, he succeeded. He started from a small business and moving it to a bigger business and now, he supplies a Vaseline brand of his own in about 4 cities of Punjab. This is something that fascinates me that how a person can help people…..

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