BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 8 sample essays

An essential component as per BRZEE Academy’s IELTS best training module is writing. Therefore, find below 8 Band essays written by our students.

Sample Essay Question 1: Problem and solution type

Topic: As the number of private vehicle cars has increased, so too has the level of pollution in many cities.

What are the reasons and steps that can be taken to tackle this increasing common problem?

Essential vocabulary




Population explosion





Dire consequences




Student’s Essay:

Exponential increase in the number of privately owned cars has led to a rise in the pollution at an alarming rate in numerous cities. This essay delves into the problems associated with this epidemic and the remedial measures that can be implemented to eradicate this menace.

First and foremost, with the rapid industrialization coupled with population explosion, the cities have become larger and spread over distant places that necessitates the commuters to own their vehicle as it saves them from the daunting task of travelling. Roads are over flowing with vehicles which make travelling time-consuming and inconvenient. This mushrooming of vehicles on roads has resulted in exponential rise in pollution levels. To make this situation worse, various automobile companies make vehicles available at easy installments with 0% interest with the aim to surge their sales. Even moderately income people also get lured to buy their own car at reasonable prices. In short, the more the traffic, the more will be the pollution and its dire consequences.

One of the ways to combat the problem can be improved public transportation equipped with quick service and ease of access. To illustrate, Delhi government has started sanctioning CNG buses which are air conditioned and GPS enabled resulting in increased influx of commuters. Another measure can be imposition of tax on EMI by the government to make them less lucrative. Hence, with the effective implementation of the above stated measures, demand of privately owned vehicle will decline and pollution will be curtailed.

To conclude, commuting has become a cumbersome task these days. With the timely and appropriate measures like efficient public transportation system and imposition of tax on monthly installments, the problem can be alleviated to a great extent.

(284 words)
Preeti Gambhir


Sample Essay Question 2: Two-part type

Happiness is often considered difficult to define. Why is this? What factor determine happiness?


Desires to be happy

Neat and precise definition

Main ingredients to be happy in life

Prerequisite to people’s quality of life/subtle precursor

Serene life



It is an arduous job to lay a neat and precise definition of happiness.  This is due to the fact that every individual has a different perspective of happiness. Also, everyone consider distinct assets or achievements as their way to happiness.

Felicitousness has a different meaning for everyone. However, it may be basically defined as an emotion which is usually expressed with a smile or delight. For some people happiness can be just living life to its fullest whereas, according to other people it may come only to elite class of people. Usually the poor opine that a sense of happiness cannot be attained with empty stomachs or while sleeping on the footpaths. Hence, defining it is a cumbersome job.

When a person desires to be happy, even a small chocolate can make him or her content. Although, different achievements or personal belongings may bring happiness to him, I believe that food and shelter are subtle precursors for a happy life. On one hand, a starving person will never be satiated from what they get other than a hearty meal. On the other hand, when a person gets something, he desires for more. We do not try to find happiness in what we are or what we have. Therefore, there are no appropriate criteria or factors on which happiness can be determined.

To recapitulate, happiness cannot be circumscribed in a particular manner. It holds a distinct definition for different people. There are no boundaries on which it can be factorized.

-Words 259
Sayesha Taneja

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