BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS Band 8 sample essays

Sample Essay 1: Happiness is often considered difficult to define. Why is this? What factors determine happiness?


Felicity           Heart-wrenching

Colossal         Felony

Gauge            Petty






Essay answer:

Defining felicity is a colossal task as it is an abstract concept. Each individual has his own identity and has his own parameter to gauge happiness. This essay delves into unique characteristics of happiness and factors affecting it.

To begin with, each individual is different and unique. Things that bring happiness to one may not be vital for the other person. To illustrate, a poor person gets happy and feels contended when his both ends are met whereas sometimes, purchase of swanky car is not enough for a rich person to be happy. Each individual has different experiences and circumstances. So, their definition of elation also differs. To exemplify, Arunima Sinha felt exultant on achievement of her goal that was to summit the Mount Everest. On the other hand, monks can seek the ultimate happiness even when they are surrounded with adversities of life. In short, there cannot be the same parameter to judge happiness which is an eternal feeling.

Happiness is dependent on numerous factors like age, circumstances, status to name a few. A young child feels exhilarated on getting a pat from teacher where as a few children feel happy to freak out with their peers. In addition to it, the person who has sacrificed a lot and the achievement of his goal has cost him an arm and a leg would definitely experience ultimate happiness than those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Therefore, due to individual differences, there are ample of factors affecting happiness.

To conclude, abstract feelings like happiness carry different meanings and importance to different people as one definition of happiness cannot be standardized and generalized for all. Similarly, there are countless factors that lead to cheerful emotion.

Sample Essay -2 Some people believe that criminals should be educated, not imprisoned in order to decrease the crime rate. Others believe that it is not an effective measure to solve this issue. Discuss


Prolific           Scot-free

Reckon          Cold-blooded conspiracy

Heinous         Deterrent

Clemency      re-offend

Essay answer:

Over the last few decades, there has been a prolific increase in crime rate. Some people reckon that educating the offenders can play a pivotal role in decreasing heinous incidents while others opine that imprisonment would definitely deter criminals from thinking of doing such crimes. This essay delves into both ends of the spectrum.

To begin with, it is unjust to offer clemency to criminals since their acts harmed someone or administration. A strong message should be sent to the society that there is no soft treatment for offenders. Furthermore, faith in judiciary system will be dented badly if the criminals go scot-free. Showing leniency to the criminals on morality is simply a mockery of country’s constitution. To exemplify, many cases of offences committed by doctors and professors with no conscience, are reported. They are all well- educated but do not hesitate to commit shameful and undignified acts. In short, penalty in the form of imprisonment would make the offender introspect about his petty or heinous crime.

On the flip side, many prisoners fall victim of cold – blooded conspiracy and have to serve imprisonment. There are chances that they may develop nasty habits on coming in contact with criminal who can commit heart- wrenching crimes and felony in no time. People who have committed petty crimes can be educated and rehabilitated in the society. To exemplify, the US has reduced its crime rate by 30% by educating the criminals. Education will surely uproot this problem completely. Sometimes, punishment makes offenders more aggressive and they may resort to more heinous crime. Therefore, education can help criminals turn into ‘good human’ and refrain themselves from such unlawful actions.

To conclude, law enforcement agencies must give strict punishment to the offenders so that it can act as a deterrent for those who indulge in illegal activities and carry out evil antics but at the same time, all humans have the ability to turn into good , people who are beneficial to the society. Depending upon the intensity of the crime committed and probability of re-offend, the Law enforcement agency should judge to educate or punish the criminals.



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