BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 8 Sample Essays

Sample Essay Question 1:

Topic: There is a possibility for some people to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from their choice of clothes. Do you agree or disagree?

Vocabulary to be used:

Ethnology                            Placid                    Epidermal portrayal

Demeanour                        Liberal                   Facile

Classic style                        Eccentric clothes

Conservative outfit         Slave to fashion

Unequivocally                   Dress up extravagantly

Student’s Essay:

It is always debated that the ethnology and personality of a person can be identified from the variety of clothes they opt. This essay will discuss the fact that it is always easy to identify the demeanour of a person by the way he / she is dressed up.

First of all, it is effortless for any human to pitch out the roots of one person by the way they dress. Especially, the person who prefers classic style will be a tradition lover and may be a little reserved which is evident. Mostly, they will be interested in wearing a conservative outfit that proves their affinity towards their culture. An interesting example is the former home minister of India Mr. P Chidambaram who is a native of Tamil Nadu and always wears the vintage clothes of his homeland despite residing in the North Indian area which firmly proves the devotion for his heritage. Thus, it is unequivocally true that one can identify what is the attribute of the person by his attire.

On the other hand, a few people are referred as placid by dressing liberal. Moreover, while they wear eccentric clothes, it reflects their passion towards modern lifestyle. At times, they become a slave to fashion that attracts them to dress up extravagantly which make the fellowmen envious. To illustrate, famous popstar Lady Gaga, dresses like a hipster with golden hair colour and an admirer in India imitates her will obviously look bizarre among the common population. This gives a strong sense of varied opinion in the society and they might be casually pointed out as a free spirit. Hence, the clothes perpendicularly resonate one’s moral.

To recapitulate, it is visible that the tradition and culture of a person is proportionate to the costume he or she puts on. As garments are the epidermal portrayal of the person’s inner thoughts it is facile for others to spot. Therefore, clothing will convey the character.

By Abinaya Kirubanandabarathi



Sample Essay Question 2:

Topic: Online, people write product reviews, opinions about the services. Is it a good or bad?

Vocabulary to be used:

Star rating

Merchant credibility


Student’s Essay:

In this world of internet, people have access to various platforms to give and get free advice and opinions. Especially on the product selling websites, people do write their view point about the quality of product and services offered to them. This essay will discuss benefits and drawbacks of this trend.

There are numerous advantages of online reviews and suggestions shared by different categories of people. The written reviews literally help anyone whether they purchase the product or not. With each review, an individual can also share a star rating relating to its service. The higher is the rating, the better is the product. It helps shoppers to deduct their time in doing research and make decisions faster with greater confidence than ever before. Therefore, they have the power to enhance merchant credibility and improve the shoppers overall experience.

Conversely, there are numerous advantages attached to the online review and rating process. The negative reviews can affect a company’s or manufacturer’s reputation tremendously. In some cases, it has been observed that people do not write genuine feedback. Most of the shoppers these days rely on the rating given to a product. Hence, no review or even one negative review can put their image at stake. As it is said, ‘excess of everything is bad’, so we can say that extra and free advice may not be helpful since, there is no process in place to examine the authenticity of individual and the review shared by people online.

In conclusion, this essay discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of free advice or opinion available on the internet. In short, while the benefits are enormous, the drawbacks cannot be overlooked.

By Shalini Dua


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