BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 8 Sample Essays

Sample Essay Question 1:

Cultures all around the world are similar than they used to be. What are the reasons? In your perspective is it a positive or a negative development?



Surge in tourism

Cultural convergence

Cultural heritage

Cultural footprints

Mainstream music

Student’s Essay:

In this contemporary world, cultures provide a great way to exchange the beliefs and values of mankind. The difference in the cultures is now fading away from the past and is clearly evident across the globe. This essay will discuss the immigration and surge in tourism as sole reasons for cultural convergence and consider this phenomenon as a beneficial trend towards the societies.

To begin with, the primary cause of shrinking cultural differences is immigration. This is because immigration paves the way for millions of people to relocate from one country to other, accompanying their cultural heritage. More and more people immigrate, lesser the differences between their cultures begin to appear. A good example of this would be that with the welcoming of Indian immigrants in Canada in outstanding numbers, India and Canada both have quite similar cultural values. Another significant reason is the surge of tourism industry. With the ease in availability of Visa and cheaper flight tickets, one can visit several countries in very short span and leave one’s cultural footprints. To illustrate, ‘The Hare Krishna foundation of India’, usually sends devotees to various parts of the globe and raises awareness about Lord Krishna and his teachings. It goes without saying that immigration and tourism has largely influenced the cultures globally.

Aforementioned phenomenon has brought remarkable impact on the society. First and foremost, it has created ease of understanding among people of two countries. They use common language to communicate with each other, thus eliminating the confusion and misinterpretation of information. The next development is in the recognition of local art and music at an international platform. Had these arts not travelled overseas, they would have been disappeared by being local. As an example, Indian originated Punjabi songs are now part of mainstream music in Canada, Australia and the US.

Hence, it is undoubtedly a positive trend due to understanding of language and global recognition of arts and music.

To recapitulate, there seem to be no difference in cultures of countries across the world. Migration of people and increase in tourism are major contributors to these growing developments in the better interest of the world.

Sample Essay Question 2: Many shops these days sell mostly imported food. Some people believe that only local food product should be sold in shops. Do you agree or disagree?


Indigenous   monopoly

Tout               hype


Indian cuisine



Student’s Essay:

It is usually argued that local shops should sell only indigenous food products and should not tout for imported food. I strongly disagree with this. In my opinion, imported food should equally be sold by the shops like the other local food.

First of all, India has a diverse culture with people from different regions and religions. This diversity has always been the essence of its strength. In a similar way, bringing food together from the different parts of the world has added variety to the Indian cuisine. An interesting example of this is Pizza, which is of Italian origin but is now sold worldwide. Therefore, I believe that if imported food is sold in shops, it would become easy and convenient for people to buy and taste the authentic dishes of other regions.

Moreover, if shops start selling only local food, customers would not have other alternatives to choose from. This would reduce the competition in the market and in turn lead to monopoly. And as we all know, when monopoly is created, shops tend to charge prices way higher than the original. Moreover, the foreign food products are no less in quality in comparison to the local food products. For instance, ready-to-eat meals are in vogue these days. They are quite good in taste and are apt for those who have a hectic life. These meals give a tough competition to locally prepared food which is time consuming. Hence, it becomes a challenge for the local vendors who create a hype of selling good quality and freshly cooked food. Thus ease and comfort of ready to eat meals poses a threat to locally prepared food as the former is as good in quality as the latter.

To recapitulate, selling imported food in shops has its own benefits. It not only brings variety but also promotes healthier competition.

  • Ritika Chopra

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