BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 8 sample essays

Sample Essay Question 1:

Children are facing more pressure nowadays from academic, social, commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures? What possible measures can be taken to minimise these pressures?


Humongous                 colossal

Menace                        zenith




Student’s Essay:

In the contemporary era, youngsters are facing humongous stress to show excellence in all spheres, such as education, career and social front. This essay will delve into various attributes contributing to their stressful situation and suggest suitable steps which can be employed to control this situation.

To commence, high expectations from parents and educators is the chief reason behind this menace. In other words, children are often persuaded by their mentors and parents to achieve high scores, which are beyond their capability, consequently demotivating them or making them feel worthless. To illustrate, many cases of suicides amongst students of high school have been reported in Delhi, owing to extensive academic pressure. Additionally, an insane drive to achieve high goals in short period and prove themselves to be the best, puts mental burden on youth. It could be achieving a higher position in corporate, getting a seat in top universities or recognition in society. Henceforth, high expectations and competition are the key factors causing pressure on the young people.

Irrefutably, every problem has a solution. The aforementioned issues can be curbed by employing two suitable measures. Firstly, the elders should recognize and respect the hidden talent and interest of children, and pave a path for them to excel in the field of their interest. To cite an example, Priyanka Chopra, the famous bollywood star was an average student at school, but has gained international recognition for her acting talent. Secondly, Government should create more opportunities for work, which could ease the tense situation of unemployment. Ergo, facilitating children to excel in their field of interest and generation of more jobs could drastically decline pressure on youngsters.

To recapitulate, it is ubiquitous for children to face colossal pressure to touch the zenith of success. But this trouble can hopefully be tackled by adapting measures like diverting them to vocational courses or take up field of their interest and working towards creation of adequate opportunities.

  • Divya Rastogi

Sample Essay Question 2: In today’s times, internet is making it easy to study online from home. Some prefer classroom courses to study and they think it is better. Discuss both views and share your opinion.





In the contemporary era, advent of digital revolution has made learning convenient, in the premises of one’s house. However, there is another sect of people. Who belong to the school of thought that believes that face to face interaction is indeed a better study mode. My essay will delve into both the thoughts and present my point of view.

To commence, online study is perhaps easier, cheaper and most convenient way to learn. In other words, internet courses have lower fees and classes can be taken in the comfort of one’s own house. Furthermore, people can escape the hassles of travelling which consumes both time and effort. To illustrate, a home maker can easily learn a foreign language, in the comfort of her house, while effectively managing her home and spending less.

Conversely, classroom study has its own evident merits. Firstly interactive study can help students in profound understanding of concepts. To elaborate, pupils get ample opportunities to get their queries answered from an educator, in the classroom. Secondly students can interact with their peers, polishing their social and academic skills together. For instance, an MBBS student can become a good medical practitioner only by pragmatically learning in an institute.

To recapitulate, online learning can be definitely be convenient and cost effective. From my perspective, imparting education through a classroom is indeed a superior choice, as it can perhaps generate more sociable and promising students.

  • Divya Rastogi
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