BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS Band 8 Sample Essays

The following essays have been written by students of BRZEE Academy and checked by an IELTS BRZEE Trainer.

Sample essay question: 1

 In some countries, some people are renting accommodation, while others are buying their own homes. Does renting accommodation have more advantages or more disadvantages than buying a place?






In certain countries, a few individuals prefer to rent a house while others like to buy one. The former concept has more pros than cons which will be mentioned in this essay.

One profound benefit of taking a residence on lease is the ease of disposing It if the tenants have relocated to another city. In other words, they are free form the hassles of maintain the property if they do not have to live there. In Gurugram, for instance, many man and women prefer a rented place to reside. Several of them have to move to other regions for better job opportunities. They, therefore rent house for a limited period of time which is more convenient for them. Furthermore, they do not have to invest on its refurbishment. So, it is the responsibility of their landlord.

Notwithstanding, it has an evident drawback too. There is a lack of privacy in those homes. To elaborate, the tenants can not enjoy the freedom in such rented places. They could experience in their own property. Moreover, they cannot renovate it as per their own choice, as it goes against the norms of leasing an accommodation. As an illustration, many residents staying in rented properties say that they are deprived of the liberty which they would have enjoyed in their own house.

To conclude, opting for a rented home has several merits, such as ease of abandoning a house if people have to shift to another area as well as saving their money for renovation, which falls pale to its demerit of not being able to enjoy the liberty of their own property.

Sample Essay Question: 2






Students inculcate values through sports as compared to individual games. What are the advantages they develop by playing in a team.

It is believed that several school going boys and girls imbibe several values through team games in comparison to regular ones. My essay will first mention about the ethics they learn in the former way. It will then explain its advantages to the children who grow up learning those moral values.

Sportsmanship is the profound quality they acquire in such games. In other words, by playing games such as hockey, football and cricket, they learn to empathise with their teammates. What is more they become a support to others in their team, overlooking their weakness. In Gurgaon, for instance, many schools organise events like football or cricket match, with a purpose of installing the value of fellowship in young players.

The aforementioned ethics help them to become sociable. To elaborate, they can adjust with people of different temperaments in their professional lives. Some of them overcome their xenophobia and can adjust in a different nation too. It helps them to perform effectively in a team. As an illustration, it has been observed that the adults who were appreciated as good team workers in their profession were known to participate actively in team sports during their schooldays.

To conclude, playing in groups teaches comradeship to schools going children. This proves to be fruitful as it makes them gregarious along with making them good team workers, which can benefit in their personal and professional life, when they become adults. It is therefore, suggested that team games should be encouraged in educational institutes for the benefit of the students.

Sample Essay Question three






Oratory skills




People find it very difficult to speak in public or to give a presentation before an audience. Do you think public speaking skill is really very important? Give reason. Some people say that public speaking should be taught at school. Do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that addressing or presenting a proposal to a group is a daunting task for a few individuals. I believe that it is imperative to acquire elocution skills as it aids them build a successful career. I am a proponent of this notion that the aforementioned skills should be imparted to children at their school as it will help them overcome their stage fear and become articulate.

The art of speech making Is essential for several people to perform well at their jobs. In other words, professionals, such as teachers, motivational speakers and politicians need to have good oratory Skills in order to enlighten the masses. They should be eloquent to convince others. Mr. Narendra Modi, for instance, honourable PM Of India has been entitled as a successful global leader due to his declamation skills. What is more this quality is vital for an individual to be capable team leader.

If young boys and girls acquire this art during their school days, they benefit by becoming more confident. To elaborate they learn to be vociferous without any inhibition they become expressive and are easily able to verbalise their thoughts. Moreover, a child’s mind is like a sponge. They can easily adapt these pragmatic Skills during a tender age.

In Delhi schools, for example debates, recitation and other public speaking contests are organized. This has proven to enhance the oratory skills of the pupils.

To conclude, from my perspective, specification is a profound quality that supports people to excel in their professional lives. Learning those in their educational institutions aids in making them confident on this stage and become effective speakers.

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