BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 8 Sample Essays

The following essays have been written by students of BRZEE Academy and checked by an IELTS BRZEE Trainer.

Sample essay question: 1




Malicious intent



Lateral thinking

Some parents and teachers think that children’s behavior be strictly controlled. While some think that children should be free to behave. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A few guardians and educators advocate that the conduct of the youngsters must be circumscribed, while the others have an antagonistic view. Implementation of the former idea would definitely protect them from going astray. I, however, concur with the later one as I believe That by giving the freedom of expression, they will become independent thinkers and be able to pursue their dreams.

On one hand, restrictions on young boys and girls can save them falling prey to men and women with malicious intent who can mislead them. In other words, they might get influenced by wrong people who might deflect their naïve minds towards substance abuse and hooliganism. This can have repercussions on their physical and mental growth and eventually they would lose their purpose in life. In Punjab, for example, there have been several cases where teenagers were found consuming intoxicants as they were under the influence of bad company. This was because they were granted too much of liberty by their parents. I feel that such situations can be controlled by their regular counselling and generalising awareness in them about those issues.

Conversely, not all of them misuse their freedom. Granting liberty to some of them will lay the foundation for their promising future. To elaborate, allowing them to be candid would help in developing their lateral thinking which will further support them in being competent. In India as an illustration, the students of the metropolitan cities, where behaviour is not stringently controlled by their elders, have higher cognitive skills in comparison with the children of the rural areas who are bound by several restrictions. The former stand to have better career than the latter. I think this ideology will aid in their overall development.

To conclude, restricting the behaviour of young people would certainly render protection to them from harsh Realities of the world. Nevertheless, from my perspective, granting liberty will make them articulate as well as capable individuals.

Sample essay question 2





Some people think competitive sports, such as football, are valuable because they can gather people with different ages and cultures together. Some think competitive sports can cause problems because people are from different groups and countries. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

While a few men and women advocate that games involving cut-throat competition, such as soccer, are priceless as they help to unite people from different castes and tradition, the others have an antagonistic view. Although, this can create issues as people of different backgrounds may not respect each other. I, however, opine with the former group as i feel that the aforementioned notion will encourage brotherhood.

On one hand, such sports can give rise to a feeling of malice amongst the competitors. In other word, the opponents could be jealous of their rivals and may not treat them in the righteous manner. This can further hamper the amiability between their respective countries. In cricket world cup, for instance, India and Pakistan teams are known dislike each other. This often causes bitterness between them due to the minor issues arising during the match.

Nevertheless,, those games serve as a platform in bringing individuals belonging to various nations together. To elaborate, in international sports events, like Olympics, people of different countries participate. This leads to culture convergence which further strengthens their friendship and understanding. Manchester club of football, for example, attracts talent from different parts of the world. The training programme of the school acts as a social hub for them.

To conclude, highly competent games can sometimes be a menace as individuals of different beliefs and race may not show reverence to each other. From my perspective, they promote comradeship and makes the players more affable to each other.

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