BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 8 sample essays

Sample Essay Question 1:

Topic: Some people think it’s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. Others think it’s good to have friends who at times disagree with them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Synchronization of ideas



Resolve disputes


Prudent decisions




Essay Answer:

It is thought by some that synchronization of ideas is the paramount quality before establishing friendships while many think a degree of variation in thoughts between friends is essential. In my opinion, I believe that difference in thinking should be given importance as it proves better in the long run.

On the one hand, some people think that similar views in friendships help in enhancing the levels of understanding between friends. When the thought process is concurrent among two people, they often try to support each other.  This quality helps them to resolve disputes as they are well-versed with each other’s points of arguments. As an illustration, youngsters in colleges around the globe prefer friends who show them a sense of support in conflicts with other children. Therefore, similar minds make a better combination in some situations of conflicts.

On the other hand, many individuals feel that friends who have different perspectives help in giving another side of views in order to make prudent decisions. The conflicting ideas provide an opportunity for people to present arguments that are well-thought and error-free to reach at a conclusion. This not only saves a friend from repercussions of a wrong decision, but also instils a sense of auto-correction if others have logical viewpoints. Hence, it is indispensable necessity to choose peers with opposite mindset in order to reach sagacious decisions.

In conclusion, while people vary in their opinions, I consider friends having varying beliefs make friendships stronger and everlasting in the long run.

-By Sanjeev

Sample Essay Question 2:

Topic: More and more number of people are travelling nowadays as compared to the past. What are the reasons behind it? What are the benefits of travelling?


Yester years


Mad journey

Stressful life


Stress buster


Travelling these days interests a lot of people as compared to yester years. This essay will discuss the reasons of this increasing trend and the advantages associated with this perception.

To begin with, there are many reasons linked to the increase of travel by people these days. First and foremost, the medium of transportation and infrastructure has improved a lot as compared to the past. There are better roads and highways that enable a comfortable and time saving journey for travelers. To add to this, the number of means for transportation has also increased considerably. For example, these days luxury buses with sleeper seats, the stations of trains have increased at major cities. The flights have become economical as compared to the past. An interesting example of this is, in the past travelling from Delhi to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh used to take good ten to twelve hours of mad journey but now with the development of fly over and better as well as broad highways, the same journey can be covered in merely 6-7 hours. Thus, better transportation facilities and infrastructure has led to more convenient travels.

Additionally, there are numerous advantages of travelling. These days people are leading a stressful life. Escaping from the daily routine for 2-3 days and travel to a nearby place to relax help one to rejuvenate and enables to spend quality time with family. This in turn, will result in better performance at work. Moreover, with the increase in travel, it helps to generate more revenue for the country by promoting tourism. Thus, this can be used for further development of our country.

Therefore, more travelling by people helps to attain work-life balance and act as a stress buster and it will help in the further development of a nation as travelling promotes tourism.

To recapitulate, travelling is increasing day by day and the reason behind this is improved ways of commuting and better roads and highways. This essay discussed the outcomes of this trend which are favoring for both people and country.

By- Urvashi

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