BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS Band 8 Sample Letters

The following letters have been written by students of BRZEE Academy and checked by an IELTS BRZEE Trainer.


You would like a temporary job in the summer camp which runs spots & outdoor activities for children & young people next summer. Write a letter to the organizers of the summer camp.

  • Explain what job you would like to do
  • Describe your personality
  • Say what experience& skills you have.

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to apply for a part time position as a sports instructor during the school summer camp which was advertised in a local journal.

I am interested to work as a basketball coach for the school students. My training schedule would include providing them the required physical fitness sessions along with teaching then the nuances of playing the game. This also comprises a few minutes of cool down and stretching to avoid any injuries to the players.

I am always committed to my responsibilities and I perform my duties diligently. I am always committed and friendly, which are essential qualities required in a trainer. Furthermore, I am always punctual and rigorously adhere to the working hours.So, I believe that my skills and experience commensurate with the job requirements making me an eligible candidate to apply for this post. I have ten years of experience as a physical trainer in a public school. I have won several accolades / awards in various basketball championships held at the state as well as at the national level which has proven my worth as a player.


You have just bought a new mobile phone from a website on the internet. When it was delivered, the phone was faulty.

Write a letter to the company. In the letter:

  • introduce yourself
  • explain the situation
  • state what action you want to be taken

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Dear sir/ madam,

I am Emma Watson and I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the mobile instrument which I had purchased online through your popular virtual store

I have been a regular client of your online outlet For last 5 years. I have purchased around fifty articles from you which include, electronic kitchen items as well as books stationary. On earning points through my frequent shopping, I have often availed several discounts and offers.

Last week I had ordered an iPhone 6. My order number is 7345 and receipt number is 1234 for the bill amount of 30,000 INR. The product which I received yesterday was not as per my expectation. The screen had a crack on it. What is more, the battery of the phone was missing, making it impossible to switch it on.

I shall highly appreciate if you could arrange its pickup. Since I will be buying a phone from a mobile shop near me, my bank details are enclosed along with this letter.

I am afraid if the refund is not initiated then. I will be forced to take my complain to the higher authorities.

I look forward to a prompt response from you.

Yours faithfully

Emma Watson.

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