BRZEE Academy’s Student’s IELTS band 9 sample essays

The following essays have been written by undersigned students of BRZEE Academy and checked by an expert IELTS Trainer adhering to the writing parameters which are markers, called band descriptors, they score your written performance in four areas: task achievement (TA), coherence and cohesion (CC), lexical resource (LR) and grammatical range and accuracy (GA).

Sample Essay question 1:

Today it is a common practice for many business meetings and business training to take place online. Do the advantages of these new developments outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, it is not extraordinary to see employees of various enterprises meeting and taking part in trainings with the help of internet. In my perspective, the companies are drawing more benefits such as convenience and cost-effectiveness than the drawback which is absence of personalization in such meetings.

The considerable disadvantage of online business interaction is that they lack personalized attention and human touch. This is because employees and customers more often than not can view and discuss the agenda of the meeting or conduct training sessions on computer screens which only gets the job done rather than engaging every mind and getting to know each other at personal level due to which the bonhomie and friendliness among the employees is missing.

A good example of this would be that a town hall meeting setup over Webex, an online meeting tool, fails to engage most of its audience due to its unidirectional interactive approach. Therefore, such apathetic meetings make their stakeholders detached and quite often isolated.

On the other hand, first of all doing business digitally is extremely convenient to employees, customers and vendors. This is due to the fact that they can meet anytime irrespective of where they are, with a single click of the button. As an example, all the stakeholders of Marks and Spencer which is a retail store chain are aligned at midnight and take business –critical decision as to decide on what products will be kept in store for the next day. If they had not met online, their business would have lost thousands of dollars. Yet another significant advantage of teaching the employees online is that it reduces the overall cost of the training program drastically. Having trainer and trainees at single platform sitting remotely can rule out the need of travelling from one place to another. It is needless to say how expensive it would be to arrange business travels of hundreds of its employees across the geographies. Hence, it is evident that online business meeting and training can prove to be convenient and can save a sizeable amount of money to corporations.

To recapitulate, while it could be a little engaging when meetings and learnings happen virtually, in my opinion, there are greater merits when it comes to convenience and saving a hefty sum for businesses.

  • By Raghvendra

Sample Essay question 2:

Some people today believe that the world’s increase in population is unsustainable and will eventually lead to a global crisis. Other people believe that world population increase is necessary and beneficial as it creates the growth of the world’s economy and society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is often argued that an indiscriminate growth in population can ultimately cause an emergency situation worldwide, whereas on the other hand, it is opined that the same is critical for the economic and societal development. This essay will discuss both views in depth and show that indeed the rapid rise in population is alarming and should be considered a serious matter at an international level.

To commence, the global markets have witnessed a surge in the demand of products and services with the increase in the number of people. To cater to their needs, more industries are being set up across nations which have in turn lead to the provision of employment opportunities. An interesting example of this is the expansion of MNCs which are fulfilling the requirements of the masses by establishing their units and operating their offices from different nations. Hence, there is no doubt in the fact that the increase in inhabitants of a place contributes to the growth of the region.

On the contrary, it has become difficult for us to control this staggering growth rate which is causing more harm than good. It has resulted in depletion of natural resources like land, air and water. Due to the urbanisation, there are massive deforestation drives that have caused increase in pollution levels. The loss of biodiversity has led to global warming and other environmental problems. For instance, the increase in chlorofluorocarbons i.e., the CFCs which are commonly used for refrigeration, is causing depletion of ozone layer that protects us from solar radiations. Thus, population growth is creating a panic situation which can cause a global calamity.

To conclude, although the population growth is contributing to the wealth of the countries and leading to their affluence, the same has detrimental effects that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, in my opinion, population should be controlled on utmost priority by all the countries to save themselves from its harmful consequences.

  • Ritika Chopra

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