BRZEE Essay Question Type Problem Solution

Five common errors in Problem Solution

Problem solution essays are common in IELTS. One of the most common errors students make is that they do not make any effort to elaborate their ideas. They merely list down a couple of problems and their solutions. You can list down the problems and solutions but you should also try to expand your answers with relevant examples.

The second common error is to mention about problems and solutions that are not associated with the question directly. You have to give ideas that are specific and not general. This is related to keywords and micro- keywords. For example: Melting of glaciers is not a problem related to an essay on global warming. Similarly, the three R’s i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle are not a direct solution to the same essay. We will look at the possible causes and solutions to the problem given in the essay below.

The third common error is that the students give a general example to the explanation. Rather, the example should be specific. For example in the below mentioned question if we say sea levels across the world is rising thus leading to flooding of the areas near the sea shore, it doesn’t serve the purpose. On the other hand if we say sea levels are rising at a significant rate and eventually it will rise by 216 ft which could result in disappearance of some states and some countries like Bangladesh and Florida as well, this is a specific example.

Here are some important vocabulary which can be used in this essay:

Green house effect: This implies trapping of sun’s rays in the troposphere and the Earth’s surface due to water vapour, methane, carbon di oxide and other gases. These gases are known as green house gases.

Global Warming: a gradual rise in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. In other words, the enhanced form of Green House effect is called Global warming.

Depletion: It means decrease in the quantity of something

Climate change:  The change in temperature and weather patterns in a place is called Climate change. This can cater to a particular area or to the earth as a whole. This phenomena is very common throughout the world due to Global Warming.

Devastation: huge destruction of life or property.

Menace: a danger or a threat.

Global warming is one of the biggest menace human beings face in the contemporary era and sea levels are continuing to rise at alarming rates. 

Since time immemorial the burning issue of ‘Climate Change’ on earth has been a cause of deep concern for the people and environmentalists at large. As a result of this, the ocean levels are increasing which is a serious hazard for the living beings on this planet. This essay will discuss the problem caused by this phenomenon which is mainly flooding of houses. This essay will also suggest some suitable measures to overcome this menace which is primarily construction of flood protected houses.

The primary cause of concern due to the phenomenon of ‘Climate Change’ is inundation of homes near coastal areas with water. As there are millions of inhabitants who reside near coastal areas, the problem of sea level rise can affect them drastically. This leads to loss of property and renders many people homeless. For Example, The cyclone which came recently in Orissa has led to devastation of life and property to a great extent. The relief measures are going on in full swing but it will take a long time to bring normalcy in the state. It goes without saying that climate change is a serious threat to mankind.

However, there is no problem which cannot be resolved. In order to overcome the flooding of houses of innocent people, flood gates, dams or flood barriers should be constructed so that at least those living near the coastal areas are protected from this menace. An interesting example of this is, Netherlands which is a vulnerable to floods and cyclones. To combat this problem, the Government of the country has taken stringent measures to protect the people by constructing flood barriers.

To conclude, countries which have dwellings close to coastal regions should leave no stone unturned in curbing the high tide menace. Flood prevention techniques should be applied to these areas so that the vulnerable and destitute can be protected from this threat.

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