BRZEE IELTS Writing Task 2 Student’s Sample Essays with Vocabulary

Sample essay question: 1

Most of the countries want to improve their living standards through economic development but in the process some important social values are lost.

Do you think the advantages of improvement in economic situation outweigh the disadvantages?


Relentless                    prerequisite

Capitalistic economies            profit-concentric approach


Gross domestic product

A number of nations focus on raising the living parameter by financial growth but a few significant social qualities get vanished. I believe that the benefits of relentless advancements in an economy greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

Admittedly one minor disadvantage of capitalistic economies is the profit-concentric approach. In other words, one of the chief factors of success for developed nations is the colossal gross domestic product which undermines any other factor. This mindset of the first world countries overlooks any pressing global problem. As an illustration, the rich-poor divide has increased manifolds in last five decades in the United Kingdom because of which the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Despite the aforementioned disadvantage, the advantages of economic development by nations are useful. One of the prime upside is the availability of the basic public amenities to its citizens. This is because authorities in developed states are capable of providing Public Health Care and old-age pensions to their people. For instance, the Canadian Government covers every citizen of their nation under the National care System. Another benefit is that countries with trillions of economies are the major contributors in research and development around the globe. Economic stability opens up avenues of large – scale experiments in medical as well as scientific field. Consequently, these achievements are a prerequisite for better future.

In conclusion, the extension of basic facilities to the people of the country and the extensive research in many fields are the merits of the economical development by a nation which far outweigh any minor demerit such as wealth generation approach among few nations.

  • Sanjeev


Sample Essay question two:

The internet has made information freely and immediately available to people through computers and smart phones all around the world. Much of the knowledge is also free. Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of this trend.


Brim                crystal clear way

Accessible       Trojans

In a jiffy

In modern times, internet has become the most handy resource that a person spends most of the time with.The ocean of interest is filled with excessive and free knowledge until its brim, which can be easily accessible through our computers and smart phones. This essay will discuss the benefits and also the drawbacks of this trend.

There are numerous advantages of the knowledge that Google or the other search engines make us available in a jiffy. A detailed information about the whole lot is provided by innumerable websites. Wikipedia provides facts in a crystal clear way, which most of all well- known encyclopedias fail to do so. These particulars can be used by aspirants in their entrance and competitive exams. So, the knowledge available on our devices can be a boon for most of its users.

However, there are obvious disadvantages  of using gadgets. Every time, it cannot be expected that the information available on these sources shall be authentic. Sometimes the information may be wrong and can lead to the formation of wrong notions in an individual’s mind. Moreover, some sites also bring viruses and Trojans along with them which can harm or destroy our PC. These can be unsafe as some hacker might hack our data as well.

This essay discussed the advantages and disadvantages of immediate knowledge available on internet. In short, while the benefits are enormous, the drawbacks cannot be overlooked.

  • Sayesha Taneja

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