Effective preparation ways for a job interview

Effective preparation ways for a job interview

Here are some of the important tips to excel in a job interview through Soft Skills Training in Gurugram at BRZEE Academy.

1. Do proper research.

The first and foremost requirement is to do a thorough research of the industry or company where you want to apply. A proper research shows that one is well -prepared to face the interviewers. The latter may ask what brought you there and why you want to join that industry/company. You should have an in-depth knowledge about the company’s profile and its functions. You should also try to match the company’s requirements with your personal skills and traits. You should also know how is the company or the industry placed compared to its other competitors. So, you should not only know about the industry /company where you have applied but also about where its competitors stand.

2. Prove that you are the best

The second aspect is to make yourself appear as if you are indispensable to the organisation where you have applied for. In order to achieve this, you have to express such talents and skills which no other person has and convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for this job.

3. Prepare for FAQs

The third aspect is to prepare for the most frequently asked questions. In this, you should have answers which are in commensurate with your past work experience and personality traits. Don’t memorise an answer and present it in front of the board. They will be smart enough to catch you and then you that it’s not an impromptu reply and you will be in a soup.

4. Ask questions if any from the interview board

The fourth aspect is to be prepared to ask questions if any from the interviewer. Sometimes the interviewer asks if you have any questions to ask. This is the time when you can exhibit your knowledge and ask relevant questions about the organisation. The interview board should feel that you are genuinely interested in getting information about the company and this also shows your keen interest in working for that company.

5. Practise will make you perfect

The fifth aspect is to practise in front of the mirror the commonly asked questions. You can also record and listen to your answers and figure out whether the tempo of your replies are ok and you are taking appropriate pauses wherever necessary. In fact, if you can have mock interview sessions with friends, it would be an icing on the cake. In this way, you will appear more confident in front of the interview panel.

6. Look enthusiastic

The sixth aspect is to express lot of energy and vigour in your demeanour. You should look excited about your new job. The interviewers must be seeing a lot of candidates during the day, so it is always nice to look energetic so that the interview panel shows special interest in you.

7. Rapport with the interviewer

The seventh aspect is try to show the interviewer that you are not there to pester him with the job offer. Rather you want to develop a rapport with him so that it is a win-win situation in the long run.

8. Bring your C.V.

The eighth aspect is don’t forget to bring your C.V. along with you. It will show you are well-prepared to face the interview.

9. Bank on ‘tell me about your self’

The ninth aspect is to elaborate tell me about yourself in a detailed and interesting way. This is the opportunity where you can pitch in your selling points and lure the interviewer with your talents and achievements.

10. Scheduling interviews

The tenth point is to schedule your interview in the mornings and if possible in the middle of the week. This helps you to be in a safe position as the interviewer will be alive and kicking early in the morning and will not be tired or very busy if the interview happens in the middle of the week.

11. Look fresh and lively

The eleventh point is you should look fresh and cheerful and in order to be like this you should get adequate sleep so that you do not yawn in the midst of the interview.

12. Check your online portals

The twelfth point is to ensure your online portal does not have any negative image about yourself. Please check your face book, twitter, Instagram etc portals and make sure you haven’t mentioned any negative or vulgar comments or pictures. This would give a wrong impression about you.

13. Dress up formally

The thirteenth point is to dress up formally for the occasion. Make sure you are not using any strong perfumes or deodorant. You should be comfortable in your attire and look confident in it.

14. Eat nicely

The fourteenth point is to eat nicely so that you don’t get hunger pangs in the middle of the interview.

15. Switch off your mobile phones.

The fifteenth point is last but not the least don’t forget to switch off your mobile phone or keep it in silent mode.

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