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Most Effective IELTS’s Listening Tips From Brzee Academy

As you know that there are four parts to the IELTS listening test. Each part has different topics and is increasingly more difficult.

The 1st section audio mostly is an informal conversation in a social or everyday setting. For instance, an inquiry for booking a hotel room, or someone inquiring about video library application or a training course.

The 2nd section audio is usually a non-academic monologue. This is normally map labeling giving instructions for following a map or route such as a guided museum tour, information about a conference or tourist information.

The 3rd section audio follows a discussion (normally between 3-4 people) related to academic topics like education/training. This may be a conversation between 2 students and their tutor about a group assignment, or among a group of students talking about a project.

The 4th section which is the final audio is a monologue on university style lecture. This could be related to any academic topic.

Please note: Replace the headphone by speaking to the examiner immediately if youre having audio problems.

A few Effective IELTS Listening Tips from best IELTS Coaching Centre in Gurgaon:

Kindly note some important IELTS listening tips:

Tip #1: You will be given some time to read the instructions and questions before each recording is played. Go through them very carefully since you hear each recording only once, so you want to be familiar with the questions before you hear the recording.

Tip #2: Write your answers in your question booklet the moment you have listening to the answer and then transfer them at the end of the listening test. At the end of 30 minutes audio you will be given 10 minutes to do this. Also, be sure to complete your answer sheet. An incomplete answer sheet means an incomplete score.

Tip #3: It is not necessary to understand everything you hear. Listen for the keywords from the questions booklet and focus on what you need to be listening out for.

Tip #4: Make sure you follow the word count in the instructions of each question. For example, if the instruction says “write no more than one word” and you write “the house” instead of “house”, your answer will be marked as wrong.

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