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Cue Card Sample 1:

  • Describe a time when you enjoyed free time.
  • When it was?
  • Where you were?
  • What you did?
  • How you felt about it?

Cue Card Sample Student’s Answer 1:

I hardly get spare time from my busy schedule as I have lots of commitments and then I have to take care of my little ones but I still remember a time when my spouse and I went out for a concert that was the time I got a leisure time after so many months. I just let my hair down and enjoyed the moment as I got the spare time after so long. Initially I started looking for some soulful music and I just wanted to enjoy the music and get carried away with the flow of the music. After a while I thought of checking out some new recipes as I feel cooking is something that rejuvenates me. Moreover since I am a food connoisseur, everyone at home wants to have lip-smacking cuisines cooked by me. I really enjoy playing with different ingredients then I started preparing some recipe for my family members as I know the taste of my kids. Accordingly I prepared some mouth-watering dishes for them. After accomplishing my tasks I lied down and checked put some interesting articles related to women.

  • Kalpana

Cue Card Sample 2:

Describe a specific field of Science in which you are interested

  • Which field it is?
  • When did you start to become interested in it?
  • What have you learnt from it?
  • And explain why are you have interest in it?

Cue Card Sample Student’s Answer 2:

I got into this thing when I was a child and when I was 9 year old, I always wanted to be a Computer Engineer. Computers have always fascinated me because they have got so much of power in themselves, they could be used for many things from changing the world for many of the people and changing their lifestyles. So, to fulfil that dream I got into Computer Engineering in my graduation and I learnt the Software and application development. With that I can now develop my applications which can help in many businesses and individuals around the globe. I would like to talk about the social media application like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram etc. these days which have changed the world tremendously and in a positive way.  People can now connect with their loved ones across the world as world is becoming a global village. So, there is no distance between the people staying far away. They can talk to them. They have a visual interaction which each other which is quite amazing. On the other hand, if you want to purchase something, there are numerous ecommerce websites which allow us to purchase things which are useful for us.

  • Raghvendra

Cue Card Sample 3:

Describe a piece of clothing you like

You should say

What does this clothing looks like?

Where did you get it?

Explain why you think you like it?

Cue Card Sample Student’s Answer 3:

Although I have many outfits but this one is special. That is a complete formal dress as a coat, inner vest shirt and a trouser. Trouser, coat and inner vest are of navy blue colour and shirt is of white colour. This year very recently my wife presented me this as a gift on my birthday. That makes it very special to me. As this is from her first salary, I asked her if she wanted to buy anything for herself. She has a very good choice. Obviously she chose me as her better half so this proves that she has a good choice.  She also has a very fine sense of selecting the right set of colours. And I like this dress a lot. In any important meeting or in any important occasion, I make sure that I wear this dress.

  • Vivek

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