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There are two tasks in IELTS writing for general students. Letter writing and essay writing. While the letter should be about 150 words, the essay should be of 250 words. Now, most candidates are not in the habit of writing especially with a pen or pencil. So, it is all the more imperative that you have to practice this module regularly.

Let’s first talk about letter writing. We have often write emails but letter writing is a different ballgame altogether. The question in the writing task 1 for general candidates would ask you to write a letter to somebody which includes the reason for writing and there will be some additional questions in bullet points which need to be answered in the letter.

For instance, the writing task one statement could be something like this.

You have been invited by a friend in a foreign land to visit her country.  Write a letter to her. In your letter,

Say though you are happy to receive the invitation, you will not be able to make it .

Give reasons for why you will not be able to go.

Tell her a tentative date when you would like to come later.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you should write the letter in the order in which the bullet points are mentioned. You will lose marks if you do not follow the order. And the second point is every bullet point should be discussed in a separate paragraph. Besides this, there is always a logic behind why the bullet points are mentioned in a particular order. In order to write a coherent letter, BRZEE Academy as the top most IELTS training institute in India explains you to follow the order.

The next important point is to identify the audience. This implies who are you addressing the letter to. This will help in knowing what should be the format and style of writing i.e., whether the letter is formal, semi-formal or informal.

Then the obvious question arises how do I know whether the letter is formal, semi-formal or informal. In other words, what are the clues for identifying whether a letter is formal, semi-formal or informal. For instance, if the person to whom you are writing is known to you or you have interacted with them before such as, the manager of a hotel with whom you had a conversation while you were on a holiday or your boss then the style of the letter is semi-formal and in the letter you can greet the person by his name.

If the person to whom you are writing is not known to you or you have never met this person, then the style of the letter should be formal.



BRZEE Academy best IELTS training institute in Gurgaon / Gurugram Sample letter:

Question: The doctor has advised you to do exercises regularly. Write a letter to your friend:

Tell him why have you decided to do the exercises.

Tell him to accompany you in this task.

Tell him what are the different kinds of physical exercises you are planning to do.

Why do you want him to accompany you?


Band 7 Answer:

Dear John,

Hope you are doing well. I’m planning to join aerobics classes in the gym and thought of asking if you’d be interested in accompanying me.

I recently checked my weight and to my utter astonishment I was 10 kgs overweight. Subsequently, I went to see a physician who advised me to do regular work outs. This is because of my sedentary lifestyle and long working hours. Nevertheless, I have made up my mind to take care of my health and I advise you to do the same. A new gym has opened which is well-equipped with all the latest equipment and I am planning to join this one.

I am planning to do weight lifting and run on the treadmill for at least thirty minutes. Besides this, I also want to attend aerobics and Zumba classes to get in shape.

Incidentally, I remember you mentioning during one of our conversations that you wanted to do exercises to keep fit. So, I thought this was a wonderful opportunity for both of us to lose weight. Besides this, I would get an inspiration from you if you join me in this endeavour.

Hope you like my thoughts. Do let me know what is your opinion on this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


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