Task 2 in IELTS Writing Component is Essay Writing

BRZEE Academy as the global top most premier training institute in IELTS teaches candidates to understand the question and plan your answer before you write your essay. Planning your essay writing is crucial. If you don’t understand the question properly or if you are little careless in understanding the question, will score less than the expected. So, understanding the question plays an important role.

It is always better to spend five minutes of time for comprehension and planning your essay. At BRZEE Academy as the best coaching in IELTS institute at Gurugram / Gurgaon, our trainers are highly experienced to train you in all these aspects.

After understanding the question, the next thing you have to do is to work with the parts of the question. For example, let us analyse the following question:

Capital punishment is a brutal decision. It should be abolished. How far do you agree?

In the above essay writing question, there are two parts i.e. (1) Capital punishment is a brutal decision and (2) it should be abolished.

Your essay should have these 2 parts strictly. Not writing either of the parts will make your score low. In other terms, this is called ‘Task accomplishment’.

We’ve seen test takers are too fast to write down the essay writing. They perceive that every minute is vital but very few realize that if mistakes occur in perception of question, your answer will not be so close to the actual topic.

The concept of ‘Task accomplishment’ is not new to most of us. Within the time and by using minimum 250 words, you have to accomplish the task. That means, you have to cover every element in the question. If examples are asked in the question, make sure that you put examples in your answer. Writing example is an intellectual task. Never write example for the sake of writing. When you are writing examples, think how the example adds value to your overall answer. Also, try to understand the proportion of example. Don’t write example too lengthy. It should be crisp. The example should be relevant and to the point. It should give you the clarity and it shouldn’t be tedious. BRZEE Academy’s trainers at institute located behind Galleria Market at DLF Phase 4 suggest you to read various texts that you come across in newspapers, magazines, etc. in order to understand the usage of example and how a particular example impacts the context. As a writer, one should know the essence of task accomplishment and example. BRZEE Academy imparts confidence with a rational thought to use an example in the context.

Consider this following question:

Is talent made or born?

Support your essay with relevant examples.  Paraphrase the question in introductory paragraph. In the body paragraphs, take the supporting ideas to elaborate the central idea of the question. There should be supporting idea and under supporting idea, there should be an example. For example, for the question, ‘Is talent made or born?’, most of the test takers start the body paragraphs with an example but not with ideas. We have seen in many essays that students write ‘Sachin Tendulkar’, a familiar cricket player from India. And later, they elaborate it with the idea ‘hardworking’.

Now, which is the right method? Idea under example (or) Example under idea.

Example under idea is preferred style of writing examples.

Some tips to improve this:

  • Read the text.
    • Read a book, magazine or newspaper. When you read the text, you can understand how the narrating style is moving and if the writer uses an example, you can understand the context clearly.
    • Reading should be a habit. Not a hobby. Reading any text that we come across in newspapers, magazines, books, etc. may be tedious. This happens in initial stages. When you keep on reading, your grasping power increases and you will perform better in the real test.

BRZEE Academy trains you on how to improve task 2 writing in IELTS?

  • If you are taking paper and pencil-based test, one thing you have to remember is your handwriting. It plays an important role. You have to write your words in a clear sense, so that everyone can understand it.
  • Read the text and analyse how the author is narrating it. Everyone is unique in narrating. However, the central idea of any narrating text should be easily understandable for a reader. Don’t you think whenever you write something, you have a big responsibility to make your writing understandable for a reader. If a reader can’t understand your writing and what you are writing, what is the essence of doing it. Your essay is the image of your intelligence. Convey a rational essay.
  • When a reader is reading your essay, the view point what you are conveying should be clear. It is irrational if the reader perceives something from your writing.
  • Reading ‘sample essays’ help you to leverage score. But, don’t just read for the reading sake. You have to interpret and should know what strategies and techniques are used.


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