Topics in IELTS Writing Task 2

In this Blog we will be focusing on IELTS Writing Task 2, and we are talking here about the four areas which one should focus on before starting to write it: the basic facts which one needs to have before starting it; essay topics which are general and common that one can expect to have on the examination day; how to start writing your essay; and lastly, we will do a practice of sample essay

What do You need to know?

This is the initial point of preparation for Writing Part 2. You can’t prepare properly if you don’t have this information. The IELTS Writing task is for 60 minutes, and has two parts. Part 2 accounts for two thirds of the points, and you should therefore spend two thirds of the time on it: that’s 40 minutes. You will be graded on four areas: Task Response (Did you answer the question?); Coherence and Cohesion (Do your ideas hang together, making it easy for the reader to follow your argument?); Vocabulary (Is it appropriate? Is it correct?); Grammar (do you use a wide variety of grammatical structures? Do you use them correctly?) Each of these four areas is worth 25% of the marks. You must write 250 words.

Common Topics

Instead of trying to find the different topics and having the hope that any of these topic might come up, your time is much better spent ensuring that you know the structure of the essay you are going to write.

How to write an effective essay for IELTS Writing Task 2

Let’s put this in the context of a question. This one is taken from the Free Version of Road to IELTS.

Some people opine that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development whilst others believe that it is important for children to go to school.

Discuss the advantages of both perspectives and give your own opinion.

the topic in IELTS Writing task does not need you to be specialized in any topic. It just wants from you to have a common knowledge about the answer. Start by noting down your ideas like this:

  • Learning at home
  • more child focused
  • individual attention
  • good for family relationships
  • save money

Get the best one out and plan out your structure:

In the first paragraph which is called introduction: It’s crucial to give first the background statement which introduces the topic than paraphrasing of the prompt question statement after that giving thesis statement saying your opinion. Like this:

The conflict if homeschooling or traditional way of going to school and learn is better for students has not been resolved till now. Whereas, homeschooling gives a better protection with individuals learning and opportunities for families to be together, schools are having  a superior range of material and human resources. Ultimately, the school experience is best for children.

Follow this with points for, points against and a conclusion so that you end up with an essay like the one below.

The discussion whether learning at home or at school is better for children has not been solved yet. Whereas homeschooling offers better protection shield with individual learning and opportunities for families to bond, schools have a superior range of materials and human resources. At last, I feel the school experience is best for children.

There are a number of benefits  for children who learn  or get education from home. First and foremost, they will have more time with their family members. A number of social problems are connected with families not having to find the time to spend with their loved once. Home schooling also gives them with an individualized learning environment. Instructions are designed according to the student’s level of understanding and moves at the child’s own pace and related to his or her individual learning style. Finally, schooling at home protects children from bullies and others who might be a bad influence.

On the other side, the school’s environment also offers advantages for children. Schools encourage  students  to socialize with their peers and learn how to cope with gossip, bullying and peer pressure. Additionally, children will receive better tuition across a range of disciplines, as schools have teachers who are trained in special subjects. What else, schools are able to provide better access to all physical resources such as sports equipment, musical instruments and library books which they will not get at home. In my view children are better developed in a school environment. Although the family time and individual’s learning both are important, the range of expertise and resources that schools are providing cannot be matched in the home. School might have different circumstances, nevertheless, so does the real world and children must learn to navigate these on their own.

Try it yourself

Now try writing an IELTS Writing Part 2 essay on the topic below (from the British Council website).

A person’s value nowadays seems to be examined according to social status and material possessions. Some important values which are called Old-fashioned, such as honor, kindness and trust, no longer have existence.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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